About Us

Caesars Tropical Fish Factory, Inc. is the only locally owned and operated full line aquarium store in Sonoma County. We have been serving fish hobbyists for over 35 years. Caesar’s has over 150 aquariums filled with freshwater fish, saltwater fish, corals and invertebrates. Also be sure to visit Caesar’s outdoor section with great selections of exotic Koi, Shobunkin, Comets and plants for your pond.

Our highly trained staff is always eager to assist you with all your fish needs. From simple to complex questions we are always prepared to aide to your hobby success. Caesar’s can design the custom tank or pond you have always wanted or just simply help you choose the right fish food.

Whether you are new to aquariums or a veteran fish hobbyist, our highly trained staff are always ready to assist you and answer questions about topics like:

  • Fresh water and salt water tank filtration and maintenance
  • How to redecorate and add light to your aquarium
  • How to design the outdoor fresh water pond of your dreams
  • What is the best fish food for your aquarium
  • How to care for your tropical fish, salt water fish, fresh water fish, corals, and invertebrates
  • Which type of aquarium and cabinet would be best for your living space
  • How to design the custom tropical fish, salt water, or fresh water aquarium of your dreams

At Caesar’s Tropical Fish, we welcome any questions and promise to give you the best advice possible about anything we sell in our store. Come to Caesar’s Tropical Fish and see for yourself why so many Sonoma County, Santa Rosa, and Windsor residents feel our store is so special.

Ceasars Tropical