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There are a number of places where you can find tropical freshwater fish for sale near Santa Rosa, but for the best variety and a fantastic staff that really knows their stuff, come visit us right here at Caesar’s Tropical Fish. For more than 35 years, we’ve been providing Sonoma County with gorgeous tropical fish, coral cuttings, tanks, equipment, aquatic plants, and much more. There’s a good reason we’re the most highly recommended fish store in the area, and you only have to visit us once to see it for yourself.

We offer a rotating selection of livestock because we know we can take the best care of our animals and provide the best service to our customers that way. We receive new shipments nearly every week, including shipments of unique and hard-to-find tropical fish, plants, coral, and invertebrates. From bright saltwater fish in bold colors to more subtle freshwater fish, there’s something for every tank and every taste. The freshwater fish for sale at our Santa Rosa location can be found in over 100 tanks throughout the store, offering you hundreds of choices, from fish that work well as a community to more aggressive loners. Our fish are always inspected upon arrival so that our customers are only receiving healthy animals — we will never sell you sick or wounded fish.

Keeping an aquarium is a unique and fulfilling hobby. It requires attention to detail, but ultimately gives you a beautiful scene for your home or office. Fish are wonderful animals to own and care for, and studies show that watching the swim in their environment can decrease stress levels and help people feel calmer. No matter what sort of fish interest you, you’ll find plenty of salt and freshwater fish for sale right here in Santa Rosa. We also offer maintenance services for your tank or pond, and deliver dry goods within Santa Rosa!

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