Tropical Fish in Freshwater

Maintaining Tropical Fish in a Freshwater Aquarium

When people think of tropical fish, freshwater species aren’t often the first that come to mind. The average person is more likely to think of the brilliantly colored fish and intricate coral found in saltwater tanks. However, freshwater fish are just as interesting and rewarding to keep, sometimes more so. From familiar fish like neon tetras and bettas to more exotic species like cherry barbs and flowerhorn cichlids, you can create an incredible aquarium. All you need to do is run a search for the best tropical freshwater fish stores near me.

If you’re brand new to tropical fish freshwater tanks, there are plenty of hearty species that are perfect for a beginner aquarium. Some important characteristics to keep in mind as you stock your tank are selecting fish that school well and get along with other species. Tetras and guppies are great small starter fish that are colorful and fun to watch. They school well, but they also breed well, so it’s a good idea to separate them by gender unless you want a lot of tiny baby fish. Classic betta fish are well-known for their beautiful coloring and fins – they’re one of the most stunning freshwater fish you can keep. However, you should only keep one at a time, as they’re an aggressive and territorial species. While they get along fine in a tank with certain other species, they will fight with other bettas.

If you’d like to go more exotic, your options open up widely. Some species are recommended for experienced fish enthusiasts only, like discus and some angelfish, so be sure to ask your friendly local fish store attendant for their recommendations. Many freshwater fish can grow fairly large, so make sure you have an appropriately sized tank and don’t overcrowd your fish. Maintain proper filter levels and pH for the specific fish you choose to keep and choose fish that survive on similar diets and at the same temperature level, unless you’d like to keep multiple aquariums.

There are hundreds of tropical fish to choose from whether you prefer freshwater or saltwater animals. At Caesar’s, we keep a huge variety of livestock at any given time, including koi for ponds. We also offer live plants and coral, as well as all the food, equipment, and accessories you need to build a thriving aquarium. You can find us on Piner Road in Santa Rosa!

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